Tighten Jawline Skin Without Plastic Surgery

How to Firm Up Your Jawline

The title probably sounds like a gimmick: tighten jawline skin without plastic surgery. Is that even possible? The jawline is one of the most difficult areas to firm up naturally. That’s why so many people result to surgeries and injections to reduce sagginess. You don’t have to go under the knife to fight wobble, however. Save money and tighten jawline skin with clinical ingredients, face masks and a few exercises.

Tighten Up with Deanol:

Deanol, or DMAE, is the top skin care ingredient for saggy skin. Loose skin is notoriously hard to combat no matter where it is found. Thankfully, moisturizers that contain deanol make great strides in tightening the skin. It encourages the muscles under the skin to contract and strengthen. Apply liberally twice a day to your entire face, neck and chest area. The earlier you get started using deanol, the better your results will be.

Natural Masks and Toners to Tighten Jawline Skin:

Products like LifeCell‘s all in one anti-aging cream work well with home remedies. While you should not rely on masks alone to reduce sagging, they can certainly enhance your complexion. One of the best masks for beginners is an egg white treatment. It’s easy to make, inexpensive and produces immediate results. Make it a weekly treat for reduced wrinkles and tauter skin.

Simply remove the yolk from an egg or two. Apply to clean, dry skin. Allow the egg mask to sit for 20 minutes and rinse well. The protein from the egg white will remove excess dirt and debris. Consistent use will whisk away fine lines. Add a dollop of plain, natural yogurt for extra moisture. A squeeze of lemon juice adds a refreshing scent and cleanses your complexion.

Make your own toner with a bit of lemon juice and witch hazel. All natural witch hazel can be mixed with lemon juice to clean and firm the skin. Store your homemade astringent in jar and keep by the sink for easy use. Although witch hazel is natural and gentle, avoid over-drying your skin with excessive use. Apply two times a week for best results.

Facial Exercises to Strengthen the Skin:

Facial exercises are especially useful for those looking to tighten jawline skin. As we age, our skin grows slack and loose. Like other parts of your body, exercise can be a helpful way to firm things up. Combine these facial exercises with your anti aging moisturizer and home remedies.

Start by facing a mirror so you can keep track of your facial movements. Apply your anti-aging moisturizer. Do your best to avoid furrowing the brow (extra wrinkles probably aren’t what you’re looking for!).  Tilt your head back, feeling the muscles in your neck tighten. Next press your tongue up so it is flush with the roof of your mouth. Without opening your mouth, bring your head down. Repeat this movement for 10 times for 2 sets. Try to incorporate it into your daily routine so it becomes a habit.

Finally, do your best to maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss and gain stretch out the skin. Elasticity breaks down and is difficult to repair. Even a difference of 20 pounds can weaken the elastin. To lose weight without suffering from loose skin, do so slowly. Maintaining the weight after loss is crucial as well.



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  1. Giesel  says:

    This has been my problem with my skin. I am in need of a product that can help tighten my skin. I’ll try this Lifecell anti-aging and egg white mask. Thanks for the tips!

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