10 Beauty Tips for Growing Out Eyebrows

Grow Out Your Brows with These Simple Tips

Thick eyebrows are more popular than ever. Take a look at any major women’s magazine publication and you will see the majority of female celebrities are sporting full brows. The hey days of pencil thin, overly-tweezed eyebrows are over. But what if you’re still trying to grow yours out? After years of plucking and waxing, it can be difficult to be patient in the long regrowing process. Take advantage of these beauty tips for growing out eyebrows. Each one will take you from thin to thick!

1. Make your brows a no-touch zone. During the growing process, resist the urge to pluck, wax or trim the brows. It can be difficult to stay hands-off when you are accustomed to grooming them. But the less you bother your eyebrows, the faster they will grow!

2. Keep your eyebrows looking neat with a bit of gel. Just because you can’t pluck your brows, doesn’t mean you are left to sport unruly ones! A little bit of gel will smooth wild hairs. As you apply the gel, use your index fingers to smooth the hairs together. This little trick fakes the look of thicker eye brows.

3. Fill in sparse hairs and holes with an eyebrow pencil. A thick pencil in a shade darker than your current hair color is a must have!

4. Take a biotin supplement. Many people swear by the effects of biotin for hairs and nail. Biotin is one of the b vitamins and is thought to stimulate hair growth.

5. Make a collage of your favorite brows! It might sound a little silly but a pinterest board or old fashioned collage can be great inspiration and motivation. If you’ve got awhile to wait before your brows fully grow back, a little day dreaming will help pass the time. This is one of the beauty tips for growing out eyebrows that is especially great for those starting the process with itty bitty brows!

6. Try an eyebrow mascara. If you don’t love the look of an eyebrow pencil, there are mascaras available exclusively for the brows. They contain a mousse like product to thicken up the brow area and color it as well.

7. Once your eyebrows grow in, have them shaped by a professional. She can follow your natural arch and clean up excess hairs. If your eyebrows are straight, have her craft a small arch to give your face a mini-lift. Always be sure to go to a professional who cleans her tools regularly to avoid infection.

8. Never tweeze with a magnifying mirror. You really don’t need any special mirror to remove excess hairs. A magnifying mirror only encourages you to over-pluck. Pull a chair up to your favorite full length mirror for a natural view while you groom.

9. Step back from the mirror after tweezing. Many of us are over-tweezers because of enthusiasm. We really want to get those eyebrows looking great. But too much time up close in the mirror makes us forget our brows look from a distance. Stepping a few feet back after removing a few hairs will give a better idea of our your brows look.

10. Once your brows look their best, snap a picture. Save this photo of your brows for the next time you get them waxed or tweeze them. And then leave them alone! You’ve waited this long for them to grow in so enjoy the full brow look.

And remember, our eyebrows are more cousins than twins. If one brow is slightly thicker or longer than the other, don’t fret! Chances are the only one who notices the difference is you.

To keep your skin looking as great as your brows, moisturize daily with an anti wrinkle lotion from LifeCell. It will keep your complexion smooth and supple for years to come.

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