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Beauty of The Nile: Cleopatra’s Timeless Beauty Tips

Cleopatra Beauty Tips

Cleopatra is the beauty of legends. She was so charming that to this day, 2,050 years later, we still are interested in her beauty tips. Cleopatra was seductive and feminine on every level. Here are some of her timeless beauty tips that we can still practice in her honor!

Essential Oil Combinations for Anti Aging

Essential Oil For Skin

Essential oils can transform your bath into an exotic oasis. From peppermint to vanilla, the types are virtually endless. Essential oils have another, lesser known benefit. They can help you anti age your skin! Learn how you can use essential oil combinations to anti age your skin.

The Aging Process: Learn How It Works To Prevent Premature Aging

Aging Gracefully

There are many results of aging that can be delayed, or even prevented. The aging process can be studied so you know what is in store. The more you know, the better you can help your self prevent premature aging. To keep your skin from aging too quickly, consider these tips.

DIY Homemade Skin Toning Lotion Using Super Moisturizing Ingredients!

Homemade Skin Firming Lotion

Sagging skin can be an aging person’s nightmare! But there is no need to take drastic measures, such as plastic surgery. You can start by taking better care of your skin by moisturizing it. Here is the recipe for a homemade skin toning lotion, which will help you firm your skin and improve its outer softness. Try making it to improve your skin health today!

DIY Safe Anti Aging Home Remedies That Mimic Cosmetic Procedures

Anti Aging Homemade Remedies

Have you ever wanted to have a cosmetic procedure done, but for some reasons or another choose to not do it? Whether you are totally against cosmetic procedures, or just don’t have the resources to have one done, consider these natural homemade “cosmetic procedures.” Don’t worry, these are totally safe! These anti aging home remedies simply mimic what cosmetic procedures are providing. Try them out at home and see how they can improve your skin!